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appointing a better company

Proactively Helping Change Managers

The committee were aware that the contract of appointment with the previous company was coming up for renewal, and the terms were significant to say the least (a five year rollover clause!). The committee proceeded with a detailed tender process to search for a better manager who would be proactive and actually listen to their concerns. Resi Body Corporate were fortunate to be appointed as the owners corporation manager by the committee.

Knowing that the previous manager was going to make the transition difficult, we individually reached out to the owners at the townhouse estate to understand their own feedback on the company. At a meeting called by the previous company, over 35 owners attended and supported the committee in appointing Resi Body Corporate as the new manager.

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Financial management

Arrears Recovery

As we were onboarding this property, we noticed there were $22,218 of unpaid fees, some going back three or more years! After reaching out to these owners, many mentioned that the previous manager failed to update their details when asked multiple times. We ended up contacting every owner to confirm their best contact details and how they wanted to receive their fees going forward.

For owners who continued to refuse to pay, we implemented our arrears process straightaway by engaging a debt recovery team to commence proceedings in VCAT. In the end, this resulted in a 90% reduction in arrears within the first 3 months.

our story

Professional body corporate managers, great service and good communication.